Student Online Registration - Parent/Guardian User Guide

Please review the documents required by the Maynard Public Schools for registration on the Student Registration page under the "For Families" tab of our website. Documents related to identification and proof of residency need to be brought to the school in person. All other forms may be completed and then uploaded to your online registration. Questions can be directed to


Login to Aspen!

If you do not know your Aspen login information or need to create a new account, please follow these instructions to create or find your account. New accounts must be created on a desktop computer; you cannot set up a new account on a mobile device.


Once you have logged into your Aspen account, you may start the enrollment process by clicking Initiate in the “Start a New Student Registration” box.

Tasks area of Aspen that has an Open Tasks drop down and a button that says Initiate

Please complete the required information on all tabs of the registration form.

Start page of the online registration page, first tab is Start with school year selection

You may click the “Save & Close” button at any time to save your work and complete it later. To continue working on the registration, click the green checkmark next to your child’s registration in the “Resume working on any New Student Registration that has already been started” box on the home page.

Shows the landing page for Aspen with a registration not submitted, arrow pointing at a green check mark for revising

Note that there are limited pre-K seats. This is not a guaranteed spot.

  • Documents can either be uploaded as PDF files or hard copies can be delivered to the school directly.  If providing hard copies of documents, the registration can be submitted prior to providing the documents.  

  • If requesting a future start date that is also partially through a school year, such as a planned move to the district a few months out, please include this information in the notes or comments under the Submit tab.

  • Once submitted, the school will review your registration form and they will reach out with questions or to notify you once the registration is complete. 

  • If desired, you can separately apply for free and reduced school meals online or use the paper application to the right of this page.

If you need assistance with the registration process or if you would like to cancel the registration, email or contact the applicable school.