One to One Chromebook Program Overview

The Maynard Public Schools are committed to a superior academic experience for Maynard’s students that prepare them to be productive citizens in an interconnected technological world.

We will achieve this through the incorporation of 21st-century learning skills and opportunities across disciplines and establishing high academic standards that encourage students and teachers to achieve their full potential. We will ensure that the professional staff, the curriculum, and the facilities function in unison to achieve the best possible learning environment for the students.

We will also provide an educational environment that is supportive of individual differences where all people are valued and respected. Parents and community members are our partners in the educational process and require frequent communication on the state and activities of the Maynard Public Schools. We will constantly pursue a path of continuous improvement in all of our efforts to keep pace with an ever-changing world.

With this vision in mind, the Maynard Public Schools is pleased to be able to provide a Chromebook for each student in our school district to ensure a consistent and equitable set of technology resources for each student.

Students in grades pre-k through 4 are provided a device that remains in the classroom. Students in grades 5-12 are assigned an individual Chromebook and charger. Each student should bring the Chromebook home each day and charge it overnight so that every student arrives at school with a fully charged Chromebook.

Teachers prepare activities with the understanding that students will have their school-owned Chromebooks with them, complete with school-installed apps, settings, and internet safeguards. Privately-owned student laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks are not an appropriate substitute in class and should stay safely at home. Personal preference is not an acceptable reason to bring a private laptop instead of the school-issued Chromebook.