November 2018 - Technology Announcements

Website Migration Completion

The final domain migration for the new website will take place over winter break. The sub-domains for each school (,, and will all now forward to the school section on the main website, 

If you have any resources that are still on these old domain names that need to be exported or moved, please let the technology department know through a helpdesk ticket. 

Automated Attendance Notifications

The district will be moving to an automated notification system for students marked absent. The new system will begin in December. 

Students that are marked absent at the start of the day will have an automated phone call and text message sent to their parent/guardian. This message will be sent regardless of the parent/guardian calling into the office in the morning. 

This system is being implemented to improve the safety and security of our students, and improve the communication with parents/guardians. 

Help Document Center

Also coming in December will be a new section of the website for help documentation. This will include help documents for Tyler SIS, iVisions, Chromebooks, Google Apps, and other tools used in the district. 

The Technology Department and the Business Office have been working together to get these resources ready and in an easy to use format. Look for an email explaining more in December. 

Technology Requests

As a reminder to everyone, if you have a question or request related to technology in district (including Tyler, the website, any software, or Chromebook issues), please submit a ticket to the helpdesk. This helps the technology stay organized and on top of all issues occurring in district and answer requests in a timely manner. 

If you have any questions about anything in this month’s announcements, please contact the helpdesk

Photography by NeONBRAND on Unsplash