August 2018 -Technology Annoucements

I hope you had a great summer and are ready for the start of school. The Technology Department has been very busy this summer, and I will highlight a few of the changes and upgrades.

New Website

Maynard Public Schools has a brand new website. Over the summer we have been getting the new website and communication platform ready for the school year. School administrators have been getting trained on using all the new features of the site. 

There is also a new App to go with the site.  

Download iOS App -

Download Android App -

As with any website, this is a living document and will be changed and updated regularly to reflect and communicate everything going on in Maynard Public Schools.

Expanded 1:1 Program

The 1:1 Device Program has been expanded to include the 5th Grade. We are also introducing a CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) program for 5th Grade. These students will have the option between 3 different devices to use as their 1:1 device for the next 4 years. 

K-12 Computer Science 

The computer science department has been re-organized and expanded. The district is now offering technology and computer science classes in all grades. We are now offering classes in Technology Introduction, Keyboarding, Engineering, JAVA Programming, App Development, Web Development, and more. 

New Student Information System

The district has completed its transition to the Tyler SIS. This was a year long process that took a lot of effort from many different people. Many teachers have already received training on the new system and more training will be offered. 

New Technology Location and PD Space

The main office for the Technology Department has been moved to B211 in Fowler. This space will also be used to provide Technology PD during the school year. We will be sending out a schedule once school starts to provide after school training. If there is any specific technology training that would be useful, please let us know. 

MHS Student Emails

After discussions with students, staff, and the digital learning committee, it became clear that our email restrictions for grade 9-12 students needed to be updated. Students is grades 9-12 will now be able to send and receive email from accounts outside of the domain. 

This will allow students to use their school email address for all school activities. They will no longer need to create an additional account to communicate outside of school or use certain applications. 

Digital Learning Committee

I wanted to invite any students, staff, or community members to join the Digital Learning Committee this school year. We will meet once a month to discuss the direction and use of technology in Maynard Public Schools. Anyone interested in joining, please email the technology department at

Added Equipment

In addition to the expanded 1:1 program, we have added a number of additional devices in the schools. 2 Chromebook Cart and 1 iPad Cart have been added to Green Meadow. The Pre-K program has received additional and upgraded iPads for use in their classrooms. An additional Chromebook cart is in circulation at Fowler, and a 3D Printer has been added for the engineering classes. The WAVM program has received 10 additional editing stations for their expanded program. 

Many more things have been updated during the school year, but I wanted to highlight what I could. If you have any questions about anything, please email