Maynard School Community,

After a year of dealing with COVID-related challenges, I am hopeful that this is our final hurdle of 2020-2021. Starting today, we are going to have our first heatwave of the year. Heat in June is always an issue, but this year it is a significant concern due to the mask-wearing mandate. Monday is expected to be the hottest day, with temperatures reaching 95. As it has been very warm over the weekend, and on Monday it is supposed to be even warmer, some of our classrooms will be in the mid ’90s by mid-day. As a result, we will have an early release day on Monday, June 7th. 

Early Release Dismissal Times:
MHS:  10:55  
FS:  11:15  
GM:  11:45  

We will monitor the weather for Tuesday and Wednesday, but they don’t appear to be as severe in terms of temperature. 

Thank you for your flexibility.

Brian Haas
Maynard Public Schools