April 2021:  Maynard Public School administration and staff ARE planning on a return to full day - five day instruction:

1. K - 5 will return to full day, 5 days per week beginning April 5

2. 6 - 12 will return to full day, 5 days per week beginning April 26

3. This is 5 days per week, all students, except those participating in the full remote model. 

Please stay tuned to school newsletters, superintendent district letters and website updates during this transition process. 

Each and every student must be considered a general education student first with full access to all resources, services, events, and activities in our schools.


Team chairs coordinate the special education process at each school ensuring quality programming and compliance with Federal and State Special Education Laws and Regulations.  They are school based and work alongside your child's general education and special education teachers and service providers.  

Green Meadow        Patty Toohig       ptoohig@maynard.k12.ma.us

Fowler School         Chris Kitchell    ckitchell@maynard.k12.ma.us

Maynard High         Sherry Trainque  strainque@maynard.k12.ma.us

SEPAC: Special Education Parent Advisory Council (click here)


Q: Who should I talk to about my child's schedule in the remote and hybrid models?

A: Parents are encouraged to maintain contact with their child's teachers and serviced providers throughout the year. Please contact them first with specific questions related to curriculum related issues.  For questions related to IEP meetings and evaluations please contact your Team Chair.

Q:  My child has a reevaluation, initial or annual meeting due, how will that work during the remote and hybrid models?

A:  Initial and reevaluation of students will be conducted in person following health and safety parameters.  A parent can choose to delay the initial or reevaluation process by notifying the team chair.  All IEP meetings will be remote unless a parent requests an in person meeting. 


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