Green Meadow Relocation Plan

Dear GMS Parents:

Throughout this week, we have been working collaboratively with the teachers to develop a plan for movement within the building.  With the testing reports stating that the Green Meadow School is safe to occupy, we are ready to relocate classrooms to their new learning spaces.  

This morning, the kindergarten teachers made a request to the school committee and administration that kindergarten be cancelled next week in order to help to facilitate the tremendous logistical challenge of moving materials and furnishings into new learning spaces. Honoring that request, the decision has been made to cancel preschool and kindergarten next week. This will allow our teachers and staff to focus on setting up their new spaces so that they are ready for the students after February vacation.

As you can imagine, the unexpected closing of the old wing and its 13 rooms has been a challenge, but our faculty and staff are committed to settling into their new locations with as little disruption on your child’s education as possible.  We would like to share with you an overview of the relocation plan. Over the next week, teachers will be preparing their new classroom spaces to be ready for students following the February Vacation. We look forward to having you visit the new locations once they are complete.

  • K-3 students will continue to receive their usual specials.  Physical education will be on one side of the gymnasium. Dividers will allow technology and OT/PT to use space on the other side. Music and art will remain in their current rooms, while Wellness, Spanish, and Library specialists will travel to classrooms.

  • Preschool will be located in the library and the classroom adjacent to the library. Two will be in each area, with teachers working collaboratively and sharing space.

  • Two kindergartens will be in the library. Three kindergartens, and Ms. Vater’s class, will move to new classrooms in the grade 1-3 wings.

These changes will remain in place through the end of the school year as contractors move forward with the plan to remove the ceiling tiles from the old wing, completely clean the wing and install a modern drop ceiling.         

It is very important to us that special education students receive the high quality services provided in their IEP Plans. To this end, we are making arrangements to provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy for Kindergarten and Preschool students next week. Individual service providers will reach out to families to schedule times to bring their children to Green Meadow for these IEP services.  Plans for other compensatory services will be provided at a later time.

We greatly appreciate the support of all of the Green Meadow families during this time.  We are looking forward to welcoming all students to the new classroom spaces later this month.  


Superintendent Gerardi, Principal Dankner, & Principal Shea