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Hello Maynard Public School. I hope everyone is ready for Halloween, which is rapidly approaching. Only a few announcements this month. As always if you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk

Grade Pre-K-8 Chrome Extension Policy

For students in Grade Pre-K through 8th, the policy for installing extensions and apps on the Chromebooks has been updated. Student will be able to choose from a list of approved extensions and apps to install. They will no longer able to install any extension from the Google Play for Education store. 

Teachers, if you need an app or extension to use in your class, please send a ticket to the helpdesk to have it added to the list. 

This policy updated will make the procedures for adding apps on both the Chromebooks and iPads the same. It will also keep our district current with the deprecation of Google Play for Education, happening in January. 

iPad and Chrome App Procedures

If you need an App to Extension installed on a district iPad or Chromebook, please send a request to the helpdesk with the name of the software and a link to it. If approved, the App will be pushed out to the required devices. 

This process takes 24 hours. Please plan accordingly with your lesson plans. 

Phone Outage 

On Friday, October 19th, there was a brief outage with our phone systems that prevented called coming in or going out to outside lines. This outage was caused by a down line outside of the high school. Verizon was onsite quickly to repair the problem. 

If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact the helpdesk. 

Digital Citizenship and Literacy Resources

The Maynard Public Schools are working on a public service announcement (PSA) video that will identify our efforts in class with students around digital citizenship.  Our students are in school approximately 6 hours a day and awake at home about 10 hours a day.  Therefore parents and guardians are our partners in teaching students digital citizenship. We are providing this parent/guardian resource document so that we can all work effectively together to develop our students into good digital citizens.

Technology Requests

As a reminder to everyone, if you have a questions or request related to technology in district (including Tyler, the website, any software, or Chromebook issues), please submit a ticket to the helpdesk. This helps the technology stay organized and on top of all issues occurring in district and answer requests in a timely manner. 

If you have any questions about anything in this month’s announcements, please contact the helpdesk

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