Green Meadow Air Quality Update

Dear Maynard School Community

This is an update on the air quality concerns at the Green Meadow School.   Our staff and students safety is of the utmost importance.  I want to assure you that we are all equally concerned and working together to resolve the issues identified.   

In past communications, I have shared that we have had several reports that have identified that we do not have a public health hazard and have no black toxic mold.  However, the reports have provided recommendations to improve air quality.  Today I would like to share where we are regarding the actions, continuing actions, and further discussions regarding the recommendations. 

Initial Actions:

Our maintenance and custodial staff has been working overtime to address the recommendations.  The majority of classrooms had lower mold spore counts than the outdoor mold spore counts on the day of testing.   For those classrooms with the lower mold spore counts the maintenance staff have been proactively replacing stained ceiling tiles and investigating the origin of the stains as well.  In many cases the stains have been a result of condensation on pipes and not necessarily roof leaks.  The ventilation systems have been checked in all classes as well.

In the four areas that were identified as having similar or higher mold spore counts than the outdoor mold spore counts on the day of testing, our maintenance staff has taken additional measures. The foyer has been bleached and you will notice the floor is no longer shiny as a result of this cleaning.  All of the other areas have also received increased cleaning.  All areas have been searched for plumbing leaks in addition to roof leaks.

Continuing Actions:

-The district is hiring a plumber to work on identified or suspected plumbing leaks on Friday after the students’ school day. 

-Several Uni-vent and exhaust vents have been identified by staff as not operating properly.  For those systems, parts have been ordered and will be repaired as soon as the parts come in.

-Stackable mold resistant floor pillows for two classrooms have been ordered as a pilot replacement for the current classroom throw rugs.

-Considerations for a new entry process for Excel is being investigated to reduce traffic in the foyer and increase security.

 Further Discussion:

As the recommendations continue to be implemented, we will have further updates.   The School Committee meeting will have a Green Meadow Air Quality agenda item for the meeting next week on Thursday 10/4/18 at 7:00 pm in the Fowler Library.

This is the most up-to-date information that I can provide today and I hope it is helpful.  


Bob Gerardi