September 2018 - Technology Announcements

Hello everyone, and welcome to another start of school in Maynard. This year had a busy start with so many new things going on. Here are this month’s technology announcements. 

High School 1:1 Program 

The High School 1:1 Program has just about concluded distribution. There are a few devices still remaining. Students that have not yet picked up their device are encouraged to do so. They can bring their paperwork to the Technology Office at the high school to be assigned their device. 

8th Grade 1:1 Program 

The 8th Grade Chromebook distribution concluded last Friday. There are a few more students that we are waiting for paperwork. The remaining devices are ready to be picked up as soon as all paperwork has been received. 

5th Grade 1:1 Program 

The 5th Grade CYOD program will begin distribution this week. Devices will be delivered to students homerooms for distribution. This will be a staggered distribution over the entire week. If students still have any paperwork to hand in, please get them to your teacher or technology department as soon as possible. 

Teacher Website and New Website 

There have been a number of questions regarding teacher/classroom websites this year. Teacher websites will continue to be run on Google Sites. They will not be migrated to the new website at this time. 

We will provide a link to the teacher website on the staff director of the new website. A number the sites have already been added. If you do not see your site on the staff director, please send a link to and it will be promptly be added. 

A reminder that anything on Google Sites is public. If you are a teacher looking for a way to share homework and class materials to only students and parents, the Technology Department recommends Google Classroom. 

If you need help or are unclear about what your best option is, please let the Technology Department know. 

SMART Boards 

A reminder to all staff that we will not be renewing SMART Board in the district. As these devices break and age out, they will be replaced with Epson Projectors. I encourage all staff to begin migrating their lessons from SMART Notebook software to Google Apps. 

Website and App 

If you haven’t already, our new website also has an app for both iOS and Android. The app is the most convenient way to stay on top of everything going on in the district. 

Download iOS App -

Download Android App -

If you have any questions about these announcements or technology in the district, please email