The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines guidance as follows:

1: The act or process of guiding 

2a: The direction provided by a guide. Couldn't have done it without her guidance

b: Advice on vocational or educational problems given to students. Provides guidance on how to apply for scholarships

Guidance in the Maynard Public Schools:

There is more to the Maynard Public School guidance staff than just what we see in the definition of guidance.  Most of our guidance counselors are dual certified as both school guidance counselors and adjustment counselors or social workers. They have an incredible array of knowledge to provide services to meet our students’ academic and social emotional needs.  

As we close the first few weeks of school, I want to thank our guidance staff for the amazing work I have observed.  The Maynard High School and Fowler School guidance staff have worked tirelessly to solve both individual and school based scheduling challenges.  They did all of this with a new system, and I can't thank them enough for the support they have provided teachers, students, and families through this transition.  The guidance staff at the Fowler School and Green Meadow School has led the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiative.  They worked over the summer for a successful launch.  We are very excited to see the continuation of PBIS in the coming school year.  

It would be great if we could hire additional staff in the guidance area for greater support of our students’ academic and social emotional needs.  This summer I attended a round table that Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito held regarding a proposed investment in Public Education & School Safety.  You can find the press release and article on the roundtable at the following links:


The $150 Million dollar package includes 40 million dollars of that money to be focused on additional aid to school districts to hire additional social workers, mental health counselors and psychologists.  I strongly urge everyone to contact their Senators and Representatives and ask them to support this Baker-Polito bill  as it would help the Maynard Public Schools to provide these critical services.