Mold Testing at the Green Meadow School

Dear School Community Members,

  There have been a lot of questions raised about air quality and mold concerns at the Green Meadow School.  We had the Department of Public Health (DPH) come to the Green Meadow School last week.  I am pleased to report that as a result of their inspection, they determined there was not a public health hazard at the Green Meadow School.  They identified a couple of stained ceiling tiles in an office that should be removed immediately and that was completed on the same day as the recommendation   Similar to the last inspection in 2011, the DPH will post a report on their website in 2 to 4 weeks.  

  There have been a lot of questions about what recommendations from the 2011 DPH Assessment had been implemented.  The Facilities Director at that time notified me that he addressed all of the recommendations in that report.  The largest and most visible recommendation was the removal of all of the wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the entire school.  The uni-vent repairs, plumbing, and roofing systems were repaired at that time as well.  We have had reoccurring issues in some areas that have needed additional repairs.  When additional roof leaks are identified, additional roof repairs have been made.  The Facilities Department and Administration have identified these ongoing issues on the capital plan and have explored the MSBA process for funding.  The Facilities Director has discussed these measures at public School Committee meetings.

  In addition to the recent DPH inspection, we have taken additional precautionary measures.  We have contracted with ASAP Environmental to do more extensive air quality tests at the Green Meadow School out of an abundance of caution.  The Better Business Bureau rates ASAP Environmental A+.  

  The tests were conducted today, Monday September 17, 2018 after the school day.  The picture above is the testing apparatus that was used.  It samples 75 liters of air across a slide that is sent to a lab for analysis.  We asked for the results to be sent back as soon as possible and they should be provided within several days to the Facilities Director (depending on how busy the lab is).  At that time the Facilities Director and I will discuss the results and share the reports with the School Committee.

 That is the most up-to-date information that I can provide today. 


   Bob Gerardi