Food Assistance

Food Assistance During MPS Closure 

Maynard Public Schools is happy to announce that we will be providing food service for our students during this closure. Starting on Thursday, March 19, MPS will begin a “grab and go” breakfast and lunch program. Details on the program can be found below. 

Food will be made available at Fowler School, 3 Tiger Drive, Maynard, MA for Maynard students who receive free or reduced lunch or have economic hardship during the closure.  Cars will be directed to the side of the school, where the “grab-and-go” bags will be brought to your car. As recommended by our health care providers we are practicing social distancing, no need to exit your vehicle. 

If you are  unable to make it to the Fowler School to pick up food for your children, please email Irene Houle at  or leave a message for Irene at 978-897-8251 x 6102. 

Thursday March 19 11am-12noon    Breakfast and Lunch

Friday March 20 11am-12noon          Lunch only

Monday March 23 11am-12noon       Breakfast and Lunch

Tuesday March 24 11am-12noon       Breakfast and Lunch

Wednesday March 25 11am-12noon  Breakfast and Lunch

Thursday March 26 11am-12noon      Breakfast and Lunch

Friday March 27 11am-12noon            Lunch only

Monday March 30 11am-12noon         Breakfast and Lunch

Tuesday March 31 11am-12noon        Breakfast and Lunch

Wednesday April 1 11am-12noon       Breakfast and Lunch

Thursday April 2 11am-12noon           Breakfast and Lunch

Friday April 3 11am-12noon                 Lunch only

Lunch meals will  contain: sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Breakfast meals will vary. We are happy to help all in need, specifically those who qualify for free/reduced lunch and those who may be experiencing economic hardship during this closure. 

Additional Assistance 

Maynard Food Pantry (978) 764-5279  

State Hotline for any COVID-19 questions, dial 2-1-1 

Project Bread's Food Source Hotline at 1-800-645-8333 

MA State COVID-19 Website