School Closure

March 13, 2020

Good afternoon,

After conferring with local and state officials and area superintendents earlier today regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, I have decided to close Maynard  Public Schools for two weeks effective Monday, March 16, through Friday, March 27. We hope to return to our regular operations at the end of this two-week period, but we will evaluate conditions at that time and communicate our plans to you about next steps. 

The decision to close school was not made lightly or in isolation. This is an ever-evolving and unprecedented situation that will have a tremendous effect on all of our families, and we feel strongly that this step is necessary for the protection of our community.  This decision is being made in conjunction with area superintendents, our local board of health, and town administration. Potential infection does not discriminate among borders and we are all in agreement that a regional response is the most effective one. We agree that the two-week window will enable us to reassess the depth and breadth of the current COVID-19 threat. We continue to have confidence in the knowledge and leadership of our local and state health officials whose guidance and support we have relied on throughout this ever-changing situation. Although they have not directed us to close at this point, we - along with public school districts across Middlesex County - have decided to close school to ensure that we are acting proactively and in a way that supports the health and safety of our community.

I am sure that students and families will have questions and concerns about this unexpected interruption to our normal routine. I will be addressing more of the specifics with you in the coming days, including the possible provisions of  learning resources. 

I am sorry for the disruption that this situation is causing our families, and I regret that many students and parents may be feeling increasingly anxious. Please know that Maynard Public Schools will do everything we can to provide information and support throughout the days ahead. 


Mary Jane Rickson