Below please find information regarding the additional mosquito control treatment in Maynard this month.

·         Aerial Spraying was completed by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources in the Town of Maynard on September 14th. For more information on the aerial spraying, visit

·         East Middlesex Mosquito Control treated Crowe Park, Reo Park and Rockland Avenue Field on September 14th.

·         Treatment of all school fields will be completed this evening, September 16th, 2019.

·         The pesticide used in this treatment is Mavrik Perimeter, with active ingredient tau-fluvalinate EPA# 2724-478.

·         The treatment will target large vegetation surrounding the fields. This product leaves a residue that can kill mosquitoes for multiple days as they land to rest. The product is applied to the perimeter, not the fields. No precautions need to be made.

Please contact Megan Zammuto, Assistant Town Administrator with any questions regarding mosquito treatment at: