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Mary Jane Rickson


August 16, 2019

Dear Maynard School Community,

I wanted to provide you an update on the Green Meadow Project.  The project has progressed on time, with the closed wing ready to open for teachers starting on Monday the 19th.  We are very excited and proud of the work that has been done over the last few months, and are grateful to all those that contributed many hours ensuring the success of this project remain on schedule . 

As part of the discussions related to the separate building envelope study at the August 1st School Committee Meeting, the Green Meadow Future Committee Chair confirmed that a separate study of the roof alone could be done.  This has been a critical element to ensure the safety of all persons present in Green Meadow remain our utmost priority. As such, the School Department contracted with Structural Engineer, Dan Bonardi. The roof study was done on Thursday August 15.  During his visual inspection the engineer reported that the roof was sound and we were able to occupy the entire wing. He did note, however, that the roof over the preschool classrooms showed evidence of wear in sporadic sections. While we would be able to occupy those rooms at this time, he could not certify that those sections would be able to carry a heavy snow load this winter.  As such I made the recommendation to our staff that students not occupy the preschool spaces during this school year.   

However, the kindergarten rooms have been deemed structurally sound and safe for use. It is an important distinction to note that these classrooms were built at different times, and have separate roof elements. The preschool roof consists of steel decking, which differs from the tectum roof over the hallways, bathrooms, and kindergarten rooms.  With that in mind, I met with teachers and union leadership this morning we collaborated on a plan for relocating the preschool classrooms to the Kindergarten side of the wing. Staff members agreed that it was best to proactively make this decision. Safety is paramount for all. We are cognizant of how disruptions impact our students, consistency is key for student success.  I have scheduled an opportunity to meet with Green Meadow staff on Monday morning to discuss the aforementioned plan moving forward. I would like to thank Paraprofessional Association Vice President Tifany Kennedy, Teachers Association President Mike Waldron, and Vice President Karen Ditto for their support. Additional thanks to Preschool Teacher Leader Jane Vasta, Special Education Teacher Jackie Vater, Green Meadow Principals Donna Dankner and Tim McGuillicuddy, and all central office staff for meeting with me to collaborate on these efforts.  

For Preschool and Kindergarten families: I would like to invite you to a parent session on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 in the Green Meadow Cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. I will be available to answer questions, share information, and hear community feedback. I welcome the opportunity of engagement, and look forward to meeting you. 

The district will continue to work with the School Committee, Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, Green Meadow Future Committee, and Town Administrators to develop a plan that best addresses these critical  issues identified in the report. We are confident that we will be able to find a solution to reopen the Preschool classrooms in the future.

I appreciate your patience and consideration moving forward. I will continue to communicate updates as they develop. 


Mary Jane Rickson, Superintendent of School