Fowler School Art Rubric
Letter Grade A B C D
Visual Art Standards Goes Beyond

All Requirements

Fulfills The Requirements Attempts Some Requirements Does Not Attempt Any of the Requirements
Effort Original and Heart-Felt Effort Consistent Effort Just Gets it Over With No Effort
Craftsmanship Careful, Clean and Organized. Shows pride in work. Carefully Done Good Job But Could Be Better. Sloppy and Careless
Creativity Work Shows Deep Understanding

Of Lesson.

Understands Lesson Copies others work, Only Traces. Little or No Thought

Visual Art Standards: Each lesson will target particular elements and principles of design. Your requirements in class are to observe new art techniques, explore new mediums and recognize examples of historic artists. Where you able to show mastery of these elements and principles of design in your work?

Effort: You are expected to come to class with a positive attitude and try your best on each assignment. You should use your class time wisely to plan, develop and complete assignments on time.

Craftsmanship: This is the skill in which you can handle a medium/material. Does your work look clean, finished and ready to be graded? Did you carefully create with attention to detail?

Creativity: Art requires immense thought and concentration. Can you come up with an original idea of your own? Can you take the skills you learned in class and develop something unique?