Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Art Department at Fowler School is excited to introduce a new program we hope all students will be able to participate in.This year our goal was to provide a virtual forum to display a mass amount of student art work, at all grades levels. We were pleased to receive information of an established virtual art museum, ArtSonia, designed specifically for this need. The Fowler School will now be a part of ArtSonia the world’s largest nationwide student art museum. Participating in ArtSonia provides many benefits to the Fowler school, students and parents:

  • Promotes students’ pride and self esteem

  • Increases parental and family involvement in students’ education

  • Provides financial support for the art program

  • Integrates technology into the art curriculum

  • Supports Enrichment for Arts

  • Provides unlimited access to student art work from any computer.

As art teachers we have the privilege of seeing many outstanding works of art on a daily basis. Belonging to ArtSonia will enable us to share with you incredible art work you can view at anytime. We are using this program as positive reinforcement for students who produce high quality art work and deserve recognition. Due to the massive volume of art work produced at the school it is not possible for every student to have every project published on this site. It is our goal to have at least one work from every participating student published by the end of the school year. (Most likely their favorite work of art) Please note that as primary executor of your child’s ArtSonia account, you will be able to photograph and upload any art work your child creates at home, or in school. Due to the large volume of art that is created, we are always looking for volunteers to help with this enormous task of cataloging the artwork. Please contact Mr. Perham if you wish to help out!

Enclosed in this packet you will find information pertaining to ArtSonia. Along with this packet there is a permission slip which needs to be returned to either Mr. Perham or Mrs. Slowick so that we may start cataloging and uploading student art work. We encourage you to take a moment with your child and explore the virtual art museum at information will be available at the site as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to providing this gallery for everyone to enjoy.

Please click the Permission slip below to print and return to school with your child.


Mr. Perham