Library Media Specialist: Jean LaBelle-Pierce
(978) 897-8891 x438

In the information driven world of today, the School Library Program plays an integral role in the education process. As new information technologies continue to rapidly emerge, it falls upon the responsibility of the School Library Program to evaluate which resources can best enhance the curriculum and enrich students’ individual learning experiences. The School Library Media Specialist exists to teach information literacy skills to both students and staff, providing them with the tools necessary to effectively identify, evaluate, and organize information in all available formats. Through a successful Library Media Program, students are provided with the skills needed to become effective users of information, and lifelong learners.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Maynard High School Library is to provide students and faculty with the materials and resources necessary to support the curriculum, and to instruct students to be skilled, effective and ethical users of information. The library also provides an environment that encourages learning, both for intellectual and personal development.