Start Time 8:05 A.M.- Students should arrive on school grounds no earlier than 7:45 AM unless they are going to the cafeteria for breakfast. All students are expected to head to their homerooms starting with the 7:55 bell. Students arriving in their homerooms after the 8:05 AM bell are tardy, and will be instructed to go to the office and sign in. Students attending breakfast may enter the school at 7:35 AM.

Dismissal Time - Dismissal time for a full school day is at 2:25 PM. Early release dismissal will be at 11:15 AM.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up - The main parking lot at the front of the school is the best place to drop students off in the morning and to pick up students at dismissal. The road behind the school is for maintenance vehicles and deliveries only. The lane directly in front of the school is clearly marked for buses only. During the first week of school we will have additional staff and police officers available to provide directions. The posted speed limit on campus is 15 m.p.h.

Breakfast Program- The café is open and serving a nutritious student breakfast every school morning from 7:35 to 8:00 AM.

School Lunch - Fowler’s full service cafeteria operates every school day. The café offers a variety of food for your child.Students have a regularly scheduled 25-minute lunch period every full school day. The new lunch price is $3.00 at Fowler. If you have questions about the Food Service Program; call the Director, Chris Piercey, at 978-897-6100.

Building Schedule - Our school weeks are based on a four day rotation. The Fowler School schedule has 7 periods per day.

Main Entrance- Students, parents, and visitors are to enter the building by the main door, which is located in the front of the school under the canopy. In the morning, the 4th grade students will enter the school and head to the gym to wait for the 7:55 bell. Fifth graders who arrive before the 7:55 bell should wait in the cafeteria. Sixth and seventh graders wait in the Main Lobby.

Visitor Procedures - Visitors between the hours of 8:05 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. will need to ring the doorbell for entry and check in at the Main Office window. Please sign in and receive a visitor’s badge to be visible at all times. Visitors must sign out and return the badge when leaving the school.

Attendance Procedures - If your child is going to be absent, please call the absent line at 978-897-6753 and leave a message on the machine anytime before 8:30 AM. The important information we need is your child’s name, grade, and reason for the absence. If we do not hear from you about the absence of your child, we will attempt to contact you. We need to account for all students each day and can do this successfully with your help.

Early Dismissals - Students who need to be dismissed early should report to the Main Office window with a note upon their arrival to school in the morning. They will be given a dismissal pass that they will give their teacher at the time of their dismissal. Parents should report to the Main Office to pick up their child.

School Cancellations - How do you find out if school is cancelled or delayed?

  1. Dr. Gerardi will send out a voice message in the morning notifying you that school is cancelled or delayed for the day.
  2. Listen to WBZ AM Radio.
  3. Watch TV Channel 4 or check their web page under cancellations.

We recommend you develop a family emergency plan with your child so they know what steps to take in an emergency or if for some reason school is dismissed early. This plan should include important telephone numbers and instructions on what your child should do in case of an unanticipated early school dismissal. Please write this plan in your child’s assignment notebook or staple the plan (blue paper) onto the inside front cover of their assignment notebook. Please see the attachment in the left column. This form is handed out to all students on the first day of school.