Core Values

In the classroom and on the field.

Every action has a consequence and everyone will be responsible for their own actions.

Student-athletes play for their school, community, their team and themselves.

Hard Work:
In the classroom, at practices and games, and during the off-season.

Mission Statement

Maynard High School athletics teach student-athletes valuable life-lessons. Student athletes are expected to honorably represent their school and community while competing in athletic competitions. At the varsity level, athletes develop a synergy between having fun, working hard and winning. At the sub-varsity levels, athletes foster a love of the game and develop the necessary skills to be successful at the next level.

Vision Statement

Maynard High School athletics will be a leader in the Mid-Wach league due to our sportsmanship and dedication to our drive for excellence on and off the field. Maynard High School athletics will increase student involvement and athletic opportunities for students while creating a seamless athletic program that ranges from youth programs to varsity sports. Maynard High School athletics will embody hard-work, discipline, accountability, and sacrifice.