Weekly Newsletter September 14, 2011

posted Sep 14, 2011, 7:01 PM by mstevens@maynard.k12.ma.us   [ updated Sep 14, 2011, 7:03 PM ]

 I feel so sorry for the high school students.  We are in the second week of school and they have had two school-day disruptions already.  Our first day was cancelled due to emergency electric lighting issues.  Then, on Monday of this week we had to release the students early (after lunch) because we had no electricity at Maynard High School.  The silver lining in this incident is that the emergency lighting did work which allowed us to keep all of the students in school long enough so that it will count as a day for state requirements.  Fowler and Green Meadow both had electricity.  As of right now, we only have one make-up day at Maynard High School.

How about the Maynard Tigers Football Team!  Our Friday night football game was a success on many levels.  While we didn’t get a win, we showed a lot of promise.  At the football cook out on Thursday, I asked the coaches for any plays to look for and they told me about a passing screen play.  I saw our team execute that screen play with precision in the third quarter and I believe they got a first down with it.  Both offense and defense had a good third quarter.  

I got to meet a lot of community members from Maynard and Harvard Thursday night at the football cook-out and Friday night at the football game at Alumni Field.  Now that we have a cooperative program, many of the Bromfield High School parents and families mingled with the Maynard High School parents and families.  It was very clear to me that both the Maynard and Harvard families enjoy this new cooperative relationship.    

 I was able to attend the Fowler and Green Meadow PTO meetings since my last Superintendent’s Notes and I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and excitement that both groups bring to our school community.  At the Green Meadow PTO meeting, the parents talked about the enhanced online presence their school has as a result of the administrations update of the school website and the PTO’s update of the PTO facebook page.  The Green Meadow PTO president, Michelle Grace, delivered the message that every Green Meadow parent or guardian is a PTO member and they are welcomed.  It was also identified that there are many ways that working moms and dads can contribute to support the PTO (even in off-hours).  The PTO is happy to answer any question so feel free to contact them.

As we walked out of the Green Meadow PTO meeting last night Mrs. Dankner, the principal, said the following to me and I knew that I should share this great message with you.

“I’m very excited about the teaching and learning going on at Green Meadow.  Our dedicated staff are integrating the great professional development they had in the areas of Reading, Mathematical thinking, Differentiated Instruction and Writers Workshops.  As a result I am seeing engaging classrooms where students are collaboratively working in small groups and active learning is taking place”  Donna Dankner, (September 13, 2011)