October 13th

posted Oct 13, 2011, 7:47 PM by mstevens@maynard.k12.ma.us

In The News:


The Maynard Music and Band teacher, Cindy Erickson, wanted me to relay the following message:


The MHS musicians worked extremely hard in filming and editing a video to submit to the Glee Give a Note competition and it was accepted!  Between now and Nov. 7th, there is on-line voting. Anyone can vote, once per IP address, once a day. We'll need all the support we can get as we are against some huge schools from DC on up the coast (including arts magnet schools, a school from the Bronx, some huge NJ schools, etc.).


Please pass the word! Parents can spread the word and have relatives, people from work, etc. vote. If we are chosen (first stage based on the on-line voting results, next stage based on national music educators and producers voting), we could win between $10 and $50K for the HS music program. We could sure use that!


Go to: www.gleegiveanote.com



-Maynard High School


If everyone in town voted once a day through 11/7, that'd be about 260,000 votes!  Thanks again for your support.  MHS music department and students


I went on last night and voted for our students and will do so each day as requested.  I would like to thank Eye on Maynard for supporting this initiative on their blog which will make it more convenient for people to vote!


Also, in regard to supporting our music programs at Maynard High School and Fowler Middle School, there will be the Casino Night coming up soon.  I was asked to be a guest dealer at the Maynard Music Casino Night and am excited to see everyone there!


Congratulations and Updates:


Last night and was the Boys Varsity Soccer senior recognition ceremony night.  Not only were the seniors honored but the whole team played well.  Maynard won by a score of 2 to 0.  The other sports senior nights include:


Tuesday 10/18 - Field Hockey senior recognition ceremony night preceding game at approximately 5:00 pm (depending on the end of junior varsity game).

Wednesday 10/19 - Girls Soccer senior recognition ceremony night preceding the 6:00 pm game at approximately 5:45pm.

Friday 10/21 - Cheer and Football senior recognition ceremony night preceding the 7:00 pm game at approximately 6:45pm.


Hope to see you all there!


Also, I have attached an approximation of the standings.  Unfortunately, these are estimates because not all of the other teams have updated their standings to date.   


School Committee Discussion:


We had an exciting discussion at the October 6th School Committee meeting about 21st Century Skills.  I have begun working with the Maynard Leadership Team (MLT) on how to begin setting up a 21st Century Skills Committee to investigate our next steps. 


At the MLT meeting our High School Principal, Dr. Chesson, reminded me that the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) are revising their expectations to include 21st century learning Skills.  This is critically important for Maynard High School because we must improve our NEASC Accreditation status.  While the community commitment to a new high school will help improve the facilities areas of the NEASC accreditation process that we were lacking, the accreditation will be hollow without the appropriate teaching and learning going on inside the current school building.


In one of my previous Superintendent’s Notes I included this link http://p21.org/ for the partnership for 21st Century Learning Skills.  After that issue of the Superintendents notes, I got a lot of positive feedback from parents and community members about the need for 21st century learning skills.  I was really impressed by the following email that I received:

Hello Dr. Gerardi,

Thank you for the weekly newsletter. My first child entered kindergarten this year and reading your newsletter is really comforting. I look forward to digging into the website you gave in this week’s edition about educating in a 21st century way. It reminded me of a great presentation Sony made at its 2009 shareholder meeting. It is kind of MTVish but has a lot of food for thought and inspires awe at the pace society is now moving at.  It is going to be challenging and rewarding to educate and raise kids in this age. Thanks for being up to the challenge and I look forward to working with you and your team.  Here is the link for your enjoyment.    




Jon Larkin

I asked John if he minded me reprinting this email and he said it was OK.  I strongly urge everyone to open this link and view this video.  It sends a powerful message for all of us that it is imperative for our nation, state, and local community to address 21st century learning immediately.

Also at our Maynard Leadership Team meeting, our Green Meadow Assistant Principal, Pamela Bator, said that she had found a You Tube video that was a good multimedia representation of 21st century learning.  That link is:


This was created by the Partnership for 21st century and Fablevision.  The story in this video “Above and Beyond” demonstrates the importance of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 

After our discussion at the school committee, I believe that we all agreed that it must be a primary goal to bring those skills into the classroom for our students in Maynard!