Janary 5th, 2012

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I would like to thank the Maynard School Community members who volunteered to be family host for the students from the China Institute.  Dr. Chesson reported to me that shortly after I sent the request out in the 12/21/11 Superintendent’s Notes, she received more than the 10 host family volunteers needed by the 10/23/11 deadline.  The Students will be visiting during the week of January 23rd through January 27th.  Dr. Chesson will be getting the details out to the host families soon.


Having students from other countries share there cultures with us as we share ours is a great learning opportunity for all.  This also fits nicely with our 21st Century Global/Communication goals and would be an area that we would like to expand in the future.


Athletic Achievement


Our Athletic programs are strong and getting stronger.  I recently reported on the success of the Football Cooperative Program with the students from Harvard and I mentioned the football all stars.  I would be remiss if I did not announce all of the fall sports award winners from the Maynard High Fall Athletic Awards Banquet on December 7, 2011.  Once again, I would like to thank the Boosters for there efforts in making that evening such a special night.


The following 60 student athletes were awarded Junior Varsity certificates for participating on a Fall Sports Team at Maynard High.

Kyle Backman Soccer

Dan Hilierm Football

Ronan Ball Soccer

Ethan Holman Football

Emma Bendall Field Hockey

Peggy Hurley Field Hockey

Wendy Brennan Field Hockey

Daniel Jackson Football

Joseph Brooks Football

Antoni Kivlehan Football

Liza Caldicott Soccer

Annamarie Kohlman

Brenno Castro Soccer

Kevin Kraley Soccer

Frances Chafel Soccer

Matthew Lalli Soccer

Brandon Chen Football

Reese LeSage Football

Ashley Chiasson Field Hockey

Amalia Luciano Field Hockey

Hannah Coleman Field Hockey

Sierra Luciano Field Hockey

Connor Cummings Football

Molly Manganaro Field Hockey

Shannon Dawson Soccer

Sesha Manning Field Hockey

Miranda DeBruyn Soccer

Brianna McCadden Field Hockey

Nathan Dee Football

Connor McCarthy Soccer

Cierra DeVos Soccer

Emily McNulty Field Hockey

Lauren Doucette Field Hockey

Charles Mednicks Football

Grace Doyle Soccer

Claire Messier Soccer

Colleen Duddy Soccer

Rebecca Morin Football

Malorie Enneguess Field Hockey

Michael Newey Soccer

Caitlin Fields Field Hockey

John O’Callaghan Football

Margaret Fitzsimons Soccer

John O’Mahony Soccer

Erik Frank Soccer

Brittany O’Neil Soccer

Thomas Geiger Soccer

Leo Pero Football

Helen  Gerondeau Soccer

Shane Rhodes Soccer

Justin Gordon Football

Nick Robinson Football

Gavin Graham Football

Julia Schuck Field Hockey

Caleb Green Football

Victoria Silkonis Field Hockey

Filip Gubala Soccer

Shannon Smith Soccer

Matthew Hickey Soccer

Marina Sullivan Soccer



The following 100 student Athletes received Varsity certificates for their participation on a Fall sports Team at Maynard High School:


Audrey Aucoin Field Hockey

Ryan Fowler Soccer

Anna Magnuson Soccer

Megan Aukstikalnis Soccer

Jason Frye Football

Jack Marcelini Football

Christian Avila Football

Thomas Fuchs Golf

Alex Martinec Football

Joseph Barbagallo Golf

Clayton Galeski Football

Karleigh Martinec Soccer

Maureen Berry Soccer

Diana Gargas Soccer

Matthew McNulty Football

Zachary Boerman Football

Jeffrey Gately Soccer

Dana Morgan Soccer

Jennifer Bosse Soccer

Lucien Gerondeau Golf

Brendan Morrison Football

Allison Bradley Field Hockey

Anna Gubala Soccer

Laurie Murphy Soccer

Patrick Brennan Golf

Izabella Gubala Soccer

Ryan Nadeau Soccer

Matthew Caldicott Soccer

Nicole Hajek Soccer

Kayla O’Mahony Soccer

Maura Campbell Soccer

Shaniqua Harper Cheerleading

Robert Oliphant Soccer

Ashley Capone Soccer

Nicole Howell Soccer

Katerina Panakis Soccer

Courtney Capone Soccer

Daniel Hughes Soccer

Sean Peterson Football

Meagan Capone Soccer

Melanie Hunter Field Hockey

James Poh Football

Ben Chiasson Football

Britney Iannelli Cheerleading

Rasania Vishwa Football

Mikaela Corbett Field Hockey

Bryanna Iannelli Cheerleading

Margaret Reilly Field Hockey

Addie Cotter Soccer

Aaron Lucas Jacobson Football

Hanna Rhodes Soccer

Clayton Dahill Golf

Daniell Jaillet Football

Jennifer Rico Cheerleading

Brian DeMars Golf

Taylor Kapsimalis Field Hockey

Oliver Schaefer Soccer

Annabelle Dentino Cheerleading

Shawn Kennedy Football

Zac Shields Football

Catherine Dineen Field Hockey

Bryan Kiley Football

Richard Skrobis Soccer

Gwyn Donovan Soccer

Matthew Kiley Soccer

Margaret Small Field Hockey

Luke Dumond Soccer

Kimberley Lamoureux Field Hockey

Taylor Thompson Soccer

Brendan Dyer Football

Lauren Lappas Soccer

Maggie Thraen Soccer

Patrick Dyer Soccer

Ashley Lees Soccer

Alex Vilimaitis Football

Steven Echevarria Football

Colby LeSage Soccer

Stephanie Wasiuk Field Hockey

Lindsay Egan Field Hockey

Brandon Llanos Soccer

Jack Waterhouse Football

Haley Falzone Soccer

Lena Llanos Soccer

Erin Wesley Field Hockey

Michael Fitzgerald Soccer

Julia Long Soccer

Tess Weyburne Soccer

Rachel Fitzgerald Soccer

Bailey Loughlin Golf

Jacalyn Whitney Field Hockey

Christopher Flynn Soccer

Hannah Loynd Field Hockey

Taylor Whitney Soccer

Michael Foley Golf

Clayton Lyons Soccer

Preston Wilkie Football

Jacquelyn Foster Cheerleading

Joseph MacCormack Football

Andrew Wilkins Football


Team Trophy Awards were presented to the following Student Athletes in their respective sport


Most Valuable Player  Boys Soccer

Ryan Nadeau

Most Valuable Offense Player  Boys Soccer

Matt Kiley

Most Valuable Defense Player Boys Soccer

Jeffrey Gately

Most Improved Player Boys Soccer

Patrick Dyer

Hebert Peter Frank Memorial Un sung Hero Award Boys Soccer

Oliver Schaefer

Coaches Award Boys Soccer

Clayton Lyons



Most Valuable Player Golf

Lucien Gerondeau

Joe Cote Unsung Hero Award Golf

Clayton Dahill

Most Improved Player Golf

Bailey Loughlin



Most Valuable Player Girls Soccer

Tess Weyburne

Most Valuable Offense Player Girls Soccer

Courtney Capone

Most Valuable Defense Player Girls Soccer

Nicole Howell

Most Improved Player Girls Soccer

Dana Morgan

Un sung Hero Award Girls Soccer

Anna Gubala

Coaches Award Girls Soccer

Lauren Lappas



Most Improved Cheerleader

Shaniqua Harper



Most Valuable Player Field Hockey

Allison Bradley

Most Valuable Offense Player Field Hockey

Taylor Kapsimalis

Most Valuable Defense Player Field Hockey

Mikeala Corbett

Un sung Hero Award Field Hockey

Jackie Whitney

Most Improved Player Field Hockey

Kimmy Lamoureux

Coaches Award Field Hockey

Lindsay Egan



Outstanding Senior Award Football

Matt McNulty

Al Cowles Award Most Valuable Player Award Football

Sean Peterson

John T. Enneguess Award Outstanding Lineman


Ben Chiasson

Walter N. Moore Sr. Award – Gusto Gus Defense Football

Jack Waterhouse

Most Improved Player Football

Zachary Boerman

Outstanding Defense Back Award Football

Steven Echevarria

Coaches Award Football

Jason Frye

Un Sung Hero Award Football

Clayton Galeski





Mid Wach D League All Star Certificates were presented to the following student Athletes from Maynard High


Michael Fitzgerald Boys Soccer

Mid Wach D  League All Star

Ryan Fowler Boys Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star

Jeffrey Gately Boys Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star

Matt Kiley Boys Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star

Oliver Schaefer Boys Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star

Ryan Nadeau Boys Soccer

Mid Wach D All Star MVP and Central MA All Star

Allison Bradley Field Hockey

Mid Wach D League All Star

Lindsay Egan Field Hockey

Mid Wach D League All Star

Taylor Kapsimalis Field Hockey

Mid Wach D League All Star

Lucien Gerondeau Golf

Mid Wach D League All Star

Anna Gubala Girls Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star

Nicole Howell Girls Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star

Tess Weyburne Girls Soccer

Mid Wach D League All Star MVP and central MA All Star

Matt McNulty Football

Mid Wach D League All Star and Central MA All Star

Steven Echevarria

Mid Wach D League All Star

Ben Chiasson

Mid Wach D League All Star and Central MA All Star

Sean Peterson

Central MA All Star