December 21st

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Opportunities to Host Foreign Exchange Students

In 2010, the community of Maynard had the extraordinary opportunity to host 9 students from China for 10 days. We have just been notified that we will have the same opportunity again. The students are tentatively scheduled to arrive on Monday January 23rd for a week. During the day the students will attend school at the high school. During the week the high school will organize 2 or 3 field trips for the exchange students and the host students.  At this time we have only had 3 families volunteer to host the exchange students.  We need to have 6 more families volunteer by Friday 12/23/2011 in order to run this program.  If you are interested in hosting a student please contact Dr. Chesson at the high school at or 978-897-8891 before the Christmas break.


Excel After School Programs


Lois Cohen is excited to offer the following after school programs at the Green Meadow and Fowler School.  For more information, please contact her at (978) 897-8021.

EXCEL After School Programs – Starts January 10

Chess Wizards

Global Child Spanish Instruction

Rhythm Kids Drumming

Wicked Cool for Kids – Science

Deadline for registration is January 5.

Fowler Arts & Academics Program - Starts January 10

Programs offered are Cartooning, Design and Engineering, Experimental Painting, Guided Relaxation/Meditation for Kids; Magic with Markers and Muscle Mania.

Below is the link to these programs.  Deadline for registration is January 5.

Events to Report On:

College Acceptance Signing Ceremony

Tuesday morning Dr. Chesson, and Patricia DeMars, held a College Acceptance Signing Ceremony for Ben Chiasson.   Ben is a senior at Maynard High who has signed a letter of intent to attend and play Baseball at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH.   This is another example of Maynard High School Athletic Program providing opportunities for ours students.  There will be a press release and a picture of the event in this week’s edition of the Beacon Villager.

Athletic Awards

Mr. Olgilvie asked me to include the following award acknowledgements. The entire Tigers Football Program was awarded the Mid Wach D Sportsmanship Award for 2011. This is a great award voted on by the Coaches in Mid Wach D.

Mid Wach D League All Stars                            Central Mass. Division 6 All Stars
Steven Echevarria                                      Ben Chiasson

Sean Peterson                                                       Matt McNulty
Ben Chiasson                                                      
Matt McNulty                                                      

Academic Achievement

21st Century Learning

While the Holidays and budget season has prevented the 21st Century Learning Skills Committee from meeting and moving forward, some individuals have still been working behind the scenes to provide opportunities for us to learn more about this direction. 


Donna Dankner has agreed to chair the Global Education/Communication 21st Century Sub-committee.  Don Holm has set up a visit to the Holliston School District to visit their French and Spanish Immersion Foreign Language Program on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.  Anyone who is interested in participating on this program visit, please contact Colleen Moore at so that we can compile a list of people attending.

Dr. Chesson and Emily Dowd have agreed to co-chair the Technology Integration 21st Century Sub-committee.  The visit to Millis provided some fruitful information around how to expand our successful WAVM after School Program into the school day curriculum. 

School Committee Member Ken Estabrook has also done some investigation in this area and found an excellent example of advanced science/engineering programs:

Dean Kamen founded this effort as a response to his perception that kids thought that sports and movie stars were cool, and science and engineering were not.  These are teams of kids working together on fun (but real world) science and engineering projects.  Ken Estabrook identified that Concord, Bedford, Lincoln/Sudbury, and Millis have teams.  The Millis team website is:

With so many Maynard community members working in the high tech industries around Boston, we discussed the probability of the support for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiatives.  At one time Maynard had a robotics program at Maynard High School but could not afford to maintain it.  It would be amazing if we could develop such programs and have so much community enthusiasm that a STEM Booster Club could be developed.  Only time will tell as we explore the possibilities in a 21st Century School Community.  Happy Holidays!